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How it Works:

The Golf Simulator is owned, designed, built and operated by Adam D'Amario, PGA. Each year Adam has added new features, rebuilt and redesigned the entire set up to better serve the members.

New for 2018 is the Winter Season Pass. The simulator is only open to pass holders during the months of December and January. The pass is required to access the many golf courses offered through Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf. Pass holders may also utilize the Driving Range and skill building features of the simulator.

On February 1st, the simulator will expand the operating hours and allow bookings for practice by the hour. Hourly rentals only have access to the driving range and skill building challenges. To access golf courses, a winter pass is required.

The Winter Season Pass is currently available for just $100. This discount price is only available to the first 10 members to purchase the pass. 


PerfectGolf is a next generation, indie developed, single player, multiplayer golf game. Built with the Unity Engine, Perfect Golf provides a truly immersive experience centered on stunning visuals and hyper-realistic game play.


*Playing golf in an indoor space is inherently risky to the golfer and the building. Please use the utmost care when in the simulator space. Indian Hill and Cafe Louise have been generous enough to allow the use of the bridal suit in the club house. By agreeing to use the Indian Hill Golf Simulator, the user assumes the risks associated with hitting a golf ball indoors and releases Adam D'Amario,PGA and Indian Hill Country Club from any liability.


4 thoughts on “Winter Golf Simulator – Your Golf Oasis

  • New Golf Sim is Great! Congrats to Mark Sumo for closest to the pin at the 1st annual Christmas Party, if you missed the event this year try to make it next time, it was a great time, and the food was great..just need more members to attend!

  • Good fun and practice

    A bit like playing a large video game, but much better. You have to visualize your shots just like on a real course, and some shots are tricky. Overall a great way to start to shake the rust off…spring is coming.

  • Great experience!

    Highly recommend going to Indian Hill and playing one of the many courses their simulator has to offer. Great overall experience!

  • Terrific asset to the club

    This is a really great set up and a great way to really work on your game. Adam is a terrific asset to the club as well. His dedication to increase the club professionals impact on the entire operation should be commended.

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